Recover Deleted Files from NTFS

Best way to recover deleted files from NTFS

Hard drive comprises of different file system NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32. NTFS is new technology file system that offers enhancement over FAT file system with respect to security, performance, reliability, etc. It automatically performs hard disk recovery after several drive errors. It also facilitates features like disk space utilization, compression, encryption, etc. In spite of these, most of the time you might have noticed that you have lost your important files unexpectedly from NTFS drives. It can be due to accidental deletion, virus attack, installing third party application, etc.

When you want to delete a file from NTFS drive, Operating System ask you if you are sure about deleting a file because sometimes you delete a file and later find out that you really need that file after few days or months. Ignoring that message, if you click on yes button then you may end up in loss of essential files.

Let us discuss some situations that lead to deletion of file from NTFS drive:

  • Using “Shift + Delete” option by mistake will lead to deletion of file from your NTFS hard drive and it will be not visible to you as it bypasses Recycle Bin. So there is no chance of restoring file back.
  • When files are deleted from NTFS drive the file goes to Recycle Bin. It provides an option “Empty Recycle Bin”; you might have clicked that option to clean the Recycle Bin and later realized that you have deleted an important file.
  • Abrupt termination of machine due to power surges during file transfer may lead to file deletion.
  • While installing third party software or using a tool to remove unwanted file may sometimes delete one or more file without your knowledge.
  • Virus infection may also cause deletion of files without your knowledge. You may also end up deleting wrong partition in place of other one containing important files. These viruses can also result in OS crash leading to logical drive failure causing data. If you want to know how to prevent logical drive failures and recover crucial data, then try this recovery tool.

When file gets deleted or drive is formatted many people think that files were lost forever. It is totally a wrong concept. Files are still present in some sectors of hard drive. They can be recovered by using data recovery program. NTFS recovery toolkit is among the best tool which can perform formatted NTFS partition recovery and can even rescue deleted partition data. Nowadays many programs are found in the internet, you can use them but selection of right software is important step. Otherwise using unreliable software will corrupt your drive and hence data loss from your drive. Read more by clicking here, about the reliable software that carry out NTFS formatted drive recovery at your fingertips.

NTFS recovery software delivers excellent features of recovering files from NTFS drive. It does not modify original file but creates a new file. It is an eminent user friendly tool that provides easy and smooth recovery of files from the drive. It is also capable of recovering compressed file and folders. But before using this keep in mind that you should not add new file once you have lost file from the drive because overwriting may lead to permanent loss of files. This application can also recover all files from all storage devices like external hard disk memory cards, SD card, digital cameras, USB drives, flash memory cards, etc. This utility can also recover NTFS partition table with ease. It can be used by a person without any technical knowledge.

With this tool user can even recover data from dead drive. There are several situations which results in dead hard drive like virus / malware infection on the hard disk, power failure, firmware corruption, circuit board crash and many more. Hop over to this website to study more dead drive recovery in detail.

Simple steps to restore deleted files :

Step 1: Open the welcome page you will find three options, among them select "Recover Files" to recover deleted files from NTFS drive.

Recover deleted files from NTFS - Welcome Window

Figure A: Welcome Window

Step 2: After selecting, you will again find two options out of which you have to select "Recover Deleted Files". Then select the drive and then go to next step.

Recover deleted files from NTFS - Select NTFS Drive

Figure B: Select NTFS Drive

Step 3: Recovery program starts scanning, once process is completed, list of recovered files will be seen.

Recover deleted files from NTFS - Recovered Files

Figure C: Recovered Files