How to Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive?

When your hard drive is damaged due to file system corruption, then all the files present in the drive becomes inaccessible, this leads to huge loss of your valuable data. In situation like this you will be thinking how to recover files from damaged hard drive? No need to worry!! Here in this article you will find the answer to your above question. Damaged hard drive recovery tool is the solution to your problem; this tool can recover files from damaged drive effectively.

Damaged hard drive recovery tool knows how to recover files from damaged hard drive after logical crash. The tool can recover crashed hard drive only if your hard disk is crashed logically not physically. But, the files lost from hard disk after crash due to logical reasons can be easily restored by making use of this utility. This tool can also recover damaged NTFS hard drive. For better understanding about recovery of damaged NTFS hard drive follow the given link:

What are reasons for hard drive damage?

  • Bad Sectors: If your system turnoff abruptly due to power outage, then it will create bad sectors on the drive and causes damage of hard drive. This would make the hard drive unreadable and results in inaccessibility of files present on the hard drive leading to the loss of valuable files.
  • Virus attack: Hard drive of your computer gets severely damaged, if it gets infected by some harmful viruses. Virus attack on computer will make the files inaccessible and results in hard drive crash thereby causing huge loss of valuable files from hard drive.
  • Power failure: Abrupt shut down of system because of power failure can result in hard drive crash. After this, the hard drive becomes unreadable and prevents access to the saved files which in turn lead to loss of essential files that are stored in the hard drive.
  • Some more reasons: Registry errors, partition table corruption, File system corruption etc, are the reasons for hard drive crash and hence you may end up losing your valuable data.

Damaged hard drive recovery software can easily resolve the problem how to recover files from damaged hard drive due to above scenarios. The software uses advance in built-in algorithm to recover damaged hard drive files on Windows system. Similar on Windows system by using this software you can recover files from NTFS and FAT partitions. It is usually capable to restore lost data from your corrupted NTFS partitions. It supports recovery of files from hard drive having bad sectors. You can also recover Windows NTFS partition table. Visit this site: to know how to recover Windows NTFS partition.

Steps to recover files from damaged hard drive:

Step 1: Fire up the installed trial version of damaged hard drive recovery software to explore welcome window as shown in Fig 1. Select "Recover Files" followed by "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" to perform damaged hard drive recovery.

How to Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive - Welcome Window

Fig 1: Welcome Window

Step 2: Software will ask you to choose the drive from where data need to be recovered as shown in Fig 2. Select the damaged hard drive and click on Next button.

How to Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Upon completion of scanning and recovery process, you will get list of recovered files as shown in Fig 3.

How to Recover Files from Damaged Hard Drive - Recovered Data

Fig 3: Recovered Data

Step 4: Evaluate the results obtained using preview option of the software. If you found that the software has done perfect job, purchase the full version and save recovered data.