How to Recover Files from Corrupt NTFS Partition

At times when you login to your Windows computer and tried to access an existing partition having your valuable files, it says I am corrupted and format me to get fixed. The moment it says I am corrupted, it kicks hard in the stomach as the partition is having all the important files. If there exists, an effective backup of files kept in corrupted NTFS partition, you are too lucky to get files back with simple restore option. The main problem there occurs if the backup of corrupted NTFS partition does not exist. If so what will be your next step and how will you restore files back?? Often people say it is impossible here, but there are fair chances of recovery. You can restore corrupt NTFS hard drive partition files at your own with the help of NTFS partition file recovery utility.

New Technology File System (NTFS) is the latest and most preferred file system for Windows based computers. Compared to FAT, it is secure and more efficient. But sometimes there occurs a worst moment, and in which NTFS partition too get corrupt. In such an instance, if you don’t have backup of files held in corrupted partition, without any further delay start corrupted partition file recovery using NTFS recovery software. Fire up the software and admit it to scan the corrupted NTFS hard drive partition. Upon its completion, you will get files lost back. It is simple to use designed with advanced NTFS partition file recovery algorithms. With this software, it is effortless to get back damaged NTFS hard drive data.

Up to now we had a small walk through the approaches to restore lost files from corrupted NTFS partition. But how does NTFS partition actually get corrupt?? What are the reasons behind?? They are many, and few common among them are listed here for your reference.

  • Hard drive failure due to power fluctuations
  • Corruption of NTFS file allocation table
  • Master boot record corruption leaves the partition inaccessible
  • Errors while converting hard drive file system
  • Repetitive reformatting NTFS hard drive partition

Reasons are many, and hence why NTFS recovery software will never care for how the partition is corrupted. Until you have this application, no need to worry about corrupted NTFS partition file recovery. If the files are not yet overwritten with new data, it will recover them for you. Even if the partition is deleted, you can undelete NTFS partition on Windows 7 machine using NTFS recovery software. It is the most preferred partition recovery software to restore lost files from NTFS partition. Employing this tool, one can also recover Windows NTFS partition table with ease. Get the demo version of the software which will let you have a look at the odds of recovery prior to purchase.

Four easy steps to recover files from corrupted NTFS partition:

Step 1: Install and launch the trial version of NTFS recovery software. Main screen will appear as shown in Figure 1. Select Recover Partitions option and then choose Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery.

How to Recover Files from Corrupt NTFS Partition - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Software shows the list of partitions from which it can recover lost files as shown in Figure 2. Select corrupted NTFS partition here.

How to Recover Files from Corrupt NTFS Partition - Select Partition

Figure 2: Select Partition

Step 3: NTFS Recovery software starts scanning the selected partition to locate and retrieve lost files. Upon completion of drive scan, you will get list of recovered files as shown in Figure 3.

How to Recover Files from Corrupt NTFS Partition - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

Step 4: Preview the recovered files. If you are happy with the results obtained using trial version, then buy the full version to save recovered files.