Recover Lost Files NTFS

Windows is often a popular operating system designed by Microsoft. The Microsoft had released various versions of Windows OS including Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7, etc. The Windows OS was made with the attractive and user- friendly GUI. A hard drive can be logically separated into several partitions where each section works as a separate disk. FAT and NTFS are the commonly used file system which is used in Windows computer hard drive. The major versions related to NTFS file system is NTFS5. It is positioned in master boot sector of hard disk drive. It can provide the information for the user for example the location of a partition, size of file, file name, etc. But, due to some common errors you can lose your important files from the NTFS partition. So in such cases, to recover lost files from NTFS partition on Windows operating system you need to make use of reliable NTFS file recovery software.

Data loss from NTFS partition can also occur if you have accidentally formatted NTFS drive or if it is corrupted because of internal logical problems. Sometimes, you may end up with loss of data if you have got errors during re-partitioning the drive. Installing multiple OS on a single hard disk can also be the probable reason for data loss because each operating system should be set up on separate partition. When creating a new partition, some partitioning errors may corrupt existing partition and you won’t be able to boot your operating system. Some errors may also occur while converting file system like FAT to NTFS (New Technology File System) which may unable you to access particular partition which results in data loss. But, fortunately, you can recover data from inaccessible hard drive with the help of NTFS recovery tool. This page will give you complete information regarding data recovery from Inaccessible application:

 To stop such data loss problems, you need to maintain a backup of important files regularly. Think that, the backup isn't available and you have lost all your files from the NTFS partition from your Windows computer. Then a last chance to recover lost files is by using reliable third party tool called NTFS recovery software. By using this utility, you can easily restore lost data from NTFS partition within a few clicks of the mouse.

NTFS recovery software can retrieve data which might be deleted as a result of simple deletion method or lost due any other software errors. It supports to recover files on both FAT and NTFS partitions. It is usually capable to recover lost data from your damaged NTFS partitions. This tool can recognize all popular files according to their unique signature using inbuilt algorithm. This tool also support file recovery from hard drive having bad sectors. Employing this tool, you can restore files from corrupt NTFS partition at your own. It diagnoses and repairs the complete data quickly. The software uses advance in built-in algorithm to recover all your lost files, images, audio-video files, documents, etc from your NTFS partition. You can obtain the demo version available for free to your system. Its user-friendly interface does not require any technical skill to run this software. You can save recovery session so that you do not have to rescan the partition once you go for the original licensed software. You can also preview the data from NTFS partition before saving it. The recovered files may be kept in same position or in some other storage device like hard disk drive, Pen drive, external hard drive, etc. You can also recover deleted NTFS partition using this application with ease. Visit here to know in details:

Follow steps to recover lost files from NTFS partition:

Step1: Download the Demo version of NTFS recovery software and install it on your computer/laptop to recover lost files NTFS. Just after installing the software, welcome window will come. It will ask to select one option among three. Select "Recover Drives" option.

How to Recover Files from Corrupt NTFS Partition - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Software shows the list of partitions from which it can recover lost files as shown in Figure 2. Select corrupted NTFS partition here.

How to Recover Files from Corrupt NTFS Partition - Select Partition

Figure 2: Select Partition

Step 3: On clicking "Next", scanning process starts. It will retrieve files from deleted or lost NTFS partition and displays all the restored data as shown in Figure 3

How to Recover Files from Corrupt NTFS Partition - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

Step 4: Use "Preview" option to view the recovered files. If the result is satisfactory then go for purchase option.