Recover NTFS partition

Files system is used to manage access to the files in the memory. The way the disk space is managed, access is permitted and directory search is implemented depends upon the type of file system installed on a partition. NTFS stands for new technology file system. It is a standard file system used in Windows operating system. It is used in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008.

Introduced with Windows NT NTFS have several improvements over FAT such as improved performance, reliability, and disk space utilization with the use of advances data structures. As compared to FAT, NTFS enhances security also. 

But nothing is perfect; still you may format your NTFS partition by mistake and search for a recovery solution. And even sometimes NTFS partition becomes inaccessible due to repartitioning or corrupted NTFS drive which results in loss of your vital data. At that time it is necessary to recover the inaccessible partition in order to restore the lost data. Lost files due to formatted or inaccessible NTFS partition can be recovered with the help of NTFS Recovery Software.

Some of the other scenarios in which we need to recover NTFS partition are:

  1.  Accidentally formatted NTFS partition: sometimes you format your NTFS drive by mistake.
  2. Repartitioned and inaccessible NTFS drives: while repartitioning your drive using third party tools for creating new partition or re-size the existing partition may result in Inaccessible drive.
  3. Corrupted or damaged NTFS partition: Corruption in NTFS boot sector occurs because of improper system shutdown, virus infection, and file system damage.

If you have come across any of the situations stated above, NTFS  Recovery software is the solution.  It is a widely used data recovery tool that can restore data from formatted NTFS drives. Partition Recovery is designed for data restoration from deleted, lost or damaged NTFS partition. It scans the entire hard drive looking for missing NTFS partitions and restores it back. Employing this tool, you can recover files from corrupt NTFS partition at your own. This software also supports file recovery from RAW NTFS drive lost while changing or converting RAW file system to NTFS and vice versa.

It supports partition recovery on different Windows operating systems like Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, etc.  It supports hard disk drives like IDE, ATA, SATA, and SCSI. One of the main features of partition recovery software is that it never causes any further damage to your original files during the recovery process. It also gives an option to preview the recovery result. It has a user friendly interface which makes the recovery easy and simple.You can also download a free demo version of the software to carry out recovery of NTFS partition.

Steps for NTFS partition recovery:

Step1: Download the Demo version of NTFS recovery software and install it on your computer/laptop. Just after installing the software, welcome window will come. It will ask to select one option among three. Select "Recover Drives" option.

How to Recover Files from Corrupt NTFS Partition - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Software shows the list of partitions from which it can recover lost files as shown in Figure 2. Select corrupted NTFS partition here.

How to Recover Files from Corrupt NTFS Partition - Select Partition

Figure 2: Select Partition

Step 3: On clicking "Next", scanning process starts. It will retrieve files from deleted or lost NTFS partition and displays all the restored data as shown in Figure 3

How to Recover Files from Corrupt NTFS Partition - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

Step 4: Use "Preview" option to view the recovered files. If the result is satisfactory then go for purchase option.