NTFS Deleted Partition Recovery in Windows 7

When you wake up in the morning, there will be waiting an unpleasant surprise for you. One of the existing partitions of NTFS hard drive is disappeared. Somehow the partition gets deleted. Try however you want, but it will be nowhere in the hard drive. So what will you do to get the deleted partition data back?? Run and check the availability of deleted partition data in the backup drive. If you found, you are too lucky that you can restore your valuable files with ease. Suppose if the deleted partition files are not copied, how will you manage to get the deleted partition files back?? Most of individuals look blank at this moment, but it is very simple to restore deleted NTFS partition data when you assign the task to NTFS partition data recovery tool.

At some worst moment, an existing partition of NTFS hard drive will get delete either due to human mistakes or because of logical conflicts. Whenever you trapped with such an instance in the absence of deleted NTFS partition files backup, don’t lose the hope of getting lost files back. NTFS recovery software is there to help you in all the ways to restore deleted NTFS partition. Let the software perform its task. Soon after completion of scanning the hard drive from where you have deleted the NTFS partition, lost files will be waiting for you to preview. It is easy to use recovery software designed with advanced algorithms to know about how to recover deleted partition in Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP machines. In addition to restore deleted NTFS partition on Windows 7, this tool can also effortlessly restore damaged HDD data on Windows.

Generally deleting an existing NTFS partition will never wipe out the files kept in that partition. Until some new data overwrites the location where the files were held, previous data remains unharmed. NTFS recovery software retrieves such data directly from the hard drive sectors. It retrieves files and folders along with the hierarchy of files stored. To recover NTFS partition it scans the entire hard drive looking for missing NTFS partitions and restores it back. It will recover deleted NTFS partition for you from the hard drive as it was before. Since it directly retrieves files from the hard drive sectors without checking for file index in file system, chances of recovery are pretty more. Even if the hard drive is damaged, you can recover files from corrupt NTFS hard drive partition too with this software.

NTFS recovery software is an advanced hard drive data recovery application natively designed to work with storage drives which use NTFS file system. As long as you have this software, no need to worry about how to recover deleted partition in Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. or how to recover NTFS partition table.

Simple to use NTFS hard drive recovery software which will never let you face complications at recovery. With the help of this tool, you will easily get to know how to recover deleted partition in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Want to know how? Then, refer this URL. So, rather than thinking more, go ahead and get your copy of demo version of the software, with which you can estimate the probability of recovery prior to purchase.

Using this tool user can even perform data recovery from bad hard drive. This tool help user to overcome from various data loss situations which results in bad hard drive such as registry file corruption, hardware failure due to internal errors, creation of bad sectors on hard drives etc. Refer this webpage to know more: www.ntfsrecoverysoftware.com/data-from-bad-hard-drive.html

Steps to recover deleted NTFS partition on Windows 7:

Step 1: Launch the installed demo version of NTFS recovery software. Welcome window will appear with different recovery options as shown in Figure A. Select Recover Drives from main menu and later choose Partition Recovery option.

Retrieve Deleted NTFS Partition on Windows 7 - Welcome Window

Figure A: Welcome Window

Step 2: Software will ask you to select the hard drive from where to recover deleted NTFS partition as shown in Figure 2. Select the hard drive. Post you will get the list of partitions deleted so far. Choose the partition you want to restore and click on Next button.

How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 7? - Select Partition

Figure B: Select Partition

Step 3: Software stars scanning the selected partition to recover files. After completion list of recovered files will be displayed as shown in Figure 3.

Recover Deleted NTFS Partition on Windows 7 - Recovered Partition Files

Figure C: Recovered Partition Files

Step 4: Evaluate the recovered results using preview option of the software. If you are happy with the results, buy the application to save recovered NTFS partition data.