Recover Deleted NTFS Partition

As a computer user you might have come across a situation where your NTFS partition of hard drive gets deleted from your computer. This incident turns out to be a great problem when data lost in this event do not have any backup. If you are having this problem then do not get frustrated because there is a tool which is capable enough to restore deleted NTFS Partition. Most of the users believe that if they have mistakenly deleted NTFS partition on system, then it is lost forever and cannot be recovered back, but this is only a myth, the truth is that you can easily undelete NTFS partition by using some reliable software. NTFS Recovery software has a lot of features that can execute NTFS undelete process and recover back all lost data. Well, before I explain its features let me have a quick discussion about some of the most commonly occurring incident where your NTFS partition is deleted.

Accidental Deletion: This is one of the most repeated and frequently occurring reasons where your NTFS partition is deleted. If you have a lot of useless and junk files on one of your hard drive NTFS partition which you want to empty by deleting it and the moment you select NTFS partition, you commit on mistake and choose wrong partition then it gets deleted creating a great trouble for you. But, thankfully there is a tool which is known as NTFS Recovery software that has ability to perform NTFS undelete operation with ease.

Deletion by Virus: If your computer is under the supervision of virus or other dangerous malware then chances are that you might lose your NTFS partition when you perform antivirus scanning process. If you have this problem where your NTFS Partition has been deleted from your Windows 7 computer then learn how to recover deleted NTFS partition on Windows 7 computer, from here:

Improper Partition Operation: If you attempt to resize your NTFS hard drive partition so that you can allocate more memory to it and for this if you initiate repartitioning operation and this process gets aborted in the middle then chances are quite more that your NTFS partition might get deleted. Now if you want to restore deleted NTFS partition files, then this URL can guide you a lot:

Doesn't matter how the partition from your computer is deleted, all that matters is how to undo NTFS undelete operation and recover all the lost files back. For accomplishing this task, our software experts have come up with highly sophisticated software that can recover deleted NTFS partition after accidental deletion, repartitioining process, antivirus scan, etc. This application is built on top of a highly sophisticated and robust algorithm that scans your hard drive and will restore deleted NTFS partition within few simple steps. In addition to recovering deleted NTFS partition, you can also recover data from bad hard drive, dead hard drive or corrupted hard drive. It can recover all types of file including .doc ,image, audio and video deleted or lost from NTFS partition. You can this NTFS undelete app on both Windows and Mac operating system with great ease. Once the recovery process is done, you can easily evaluate the performance by inspecting its recovery results.

Steps to restore deleted NTFS partition:

Step 1: Download and install NTFS Undelete app and launch it. Now from main screen select “Recover Drives” and from next screen “Partition Recovery” option as shown in the figure 1.

NTFS Undelete - Welcome Window

Figure A: Welcome Window

Step 2: Now from main screen select logical drive from which represents your NTFS partition and tap on Next button as shown in figure 2.

NTFS Undelete - Select NTFS Partition

Figure B: Select NTFS Partition

Step 3: After you click on next button, the tool will start to recover deleted NTFS partition and once it is completed you can preview the recovered data as shown in figure 3.

NTFS Undelete - Recovered NTFS Partition Files

Figure C: Recovered NTFS Partition Files