Unformat NTFS Partition on Windows 7

Way to Recover Formatted NTFS Partition on Windows 7

NTFS file system was introduced by Microsoft and is supported by subsequent versions of Windows including Windows 7. It has a several advantages over the previous file system, named FAT32. One major benefit of NTFS is that it includes features to improve reliability, like it has fault tolerance feature, which automatically repairs hard drive errors without displaying any error messages. Though NTFS file system has many features, but still there are many scenarios due to which most of the Windows 7 users are losing their vital files from NTFS partitions.

Have you ever encountered a situation where you accidentally formatted your Windows 7 based system NTFS partition and need to reinstate files from that formatted NTFS partition? No need to get upset, you just need to follow two things first one is stop using the formatted partition from storing new files and second one is go for proficient recovery tool which can unformat NTFS partition files. Because whenever you execute format operation on a partition or drive, the operating system just removes or we can say deletes all the reference, related to the corresponding files from the system and makes a new file system. Fortunately files from formatted NTFS partitions on Window 7 based computer can be recovered with the aid of suitable recovery tool. And one such tool is NTFS recovery.

It is the best software to recover files from formatted NTFS partition on Windows 7. This program uses advanced built in algorithms to recover not only formatted partition but also missing and deleted partition. How to recover formatted NTFS partition on Windows 7 question is now having a perfect solution as NTFS recovery program.

Reasons which made you to format your NTFS partition:

  • Generally to free up some disk space and to boot the system performance users format their hard disk partition
  • Upgrading the system operating system from older version to the new one, can be another reason for formatting the NTFS partition.
  • Sometimes, user to format NTFS partition to get rid from deadly Spyware or Malware infection on partition
  • Accidentally formatting a wrong NTFS partition of HDD while an unwanted one, results in complete data loss from NTFs partition.
  • Many times due to registry error “Disk boot failure error” message blinks up, to overcome this problem formatting is the only option.

After experiencing any of the above stated situation, immediately go for NTFS recovery tool to recover data from formatted NTFS partition. It is a wonderful tool to unformat formatted drive on Windows 7, in less span of time. It is advanced recovery software designed to restore data from damaged NTFS hard drive. Similarly it can restore data from damaged hard drive on Windows system with ease.It is very easy to use this tool, as it has user friendly interface. Apart from formatted NTFS partition, you can even recover files from corrupt NTFS partition using this tool. The tool empowers users to recover files from any of the above stated situations. To read more about this tool, visit the links given on this article.

Some remarkable features of NTFS recovery software

NTFS recovery tool retrieve file from several kinds of hard disk interface such as IDE, SATA, SAS and etc. It even has the ability to generate disk images of the hard disk, which helps to bypasses bad sectors on hard drive. This application even allows the users to recover data from bad hard drive. There are several situation situations like bad sectors on hard drive, hard drive failure etc which results in bad hard drive. Visit this page: ntfsrecoverysoftware.com/data-from-bad-hard-drive to know more in detail about bad hard drive data recovery.

Using this program user can retrieve files from different types of file systems for ex FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT. Consumer can even use this tool to recover missing NTFS partition. This tool scans your system herd drive thoroughly and find out missing NTFS partition.  To discover more information just checkout the given link

It facilitates users to recover file from various storage devices like external hard disk, flash cards, USB drives, iPods and many more to be added in list. The best quality this tool is that, it can be easily runs on all major version Windows operating system such as Windows server 2003/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7 and Windows server 2008. For further software details click here

Procedure to perform formatted NTFS partition recovery on Windows 7:

Step1: Download trial version of this application and install it on the hard drive of your Windows 7 based computer. Launch the application by double clicking on the desktop icon and select “Recover Partitions / Drives” from main window as shown in Figure 1. followed by “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to recover formatted NTFS partition..

Unformat NTFS Partition on Windows 7 - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

Step2: The tool starts scanning the device and a list of logical drives will be displayed. Select the particular partition and click on “Next” button as shown in Figure 2.

Unformat NTFS Partition on Windows 7 - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step3: Once the recovery process is over, view the files restored from formatted NTFS partition by using “File Type View” or “Data Type View” as shown in Figure 3.

Unformat NTFS Partition on Windows 7 - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recovered Data