The Perfect NTFS Free Space Wiper

Many times we delete the data on NTFS partition without any intention and lose them unfortunately. But sometimes we do delete the data intentionally to make some free space on the partition. Deletion of data in this way simply makes the data to dwell on the same memory block without any reference. This simply means that the pointer which used to point the data earlier has now been removed and the data is completely dereferenced. But anyhow the data will not be thrown out of the partition until and unless some other data of different or similar type occupies its place. In this condition it is quite possible for a user with whom you are sharing your system details or the system itself to misuse the data simply by restoring it with the help of some third party app. Anyone who is able to access your personal computer can restore the deleted data and make the malicious use of it very easily. That is why the data on your NTFS free space is absolutely unsafe. To maintain your data privacy and security in this condition you just need to wipe the free space on your NTFS partition which is a very easy job for well designed tool such as Remo MORE.

Yes, it is quite simple to wipe out free space on NTFS partition with the help of this application. This utility comes into the picture especially when you have a huge free space on your NTFS partition and you want to sell your system to a stranger after a nice deal. Due to a good lot of free space on the partition you might be unwilling to sell your computer to that stranger. But in this case this application can help you get rid of the free space on the partition. If you are worried that the stranger will misuse your private and confidential data and put you in a great trouble then you need not be worried at all. After making use of this application you will find it absolutely impossible to get back the deleted data on your NTFS partition.

Some users leave the NTFS partition free space unused after formatting the partition accidentally. In this condition if another user who has the access to the system finds that after formatting the free space on the partition is left unused then he may think of recovering the lost data and he may turn his thought into the action. Then the data may be misused and thus you will get into the unanticipated and big trouble. To avoid such terrible situations you just need to wipe the free NTFS space immediately after formatting or deleting the data with the help of Remo MORE.

By using this tool you can wipe off free or unused space on NTFS, NTFS4 and NTFS5 partitions with great ease. This tool can be run on various Windows computers such as Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and server. It can be used even by the one who completely lacks technical knowledge.

Procedure to wipe NTFS free space using Remo MORE software:

Step1: First of all download Remo MORE software on your system and install the same. Launch the application and then select "Optimize" option from the main window illustrated in figure given below.

Wipe NTFS Free Space - Welcome Window

Step2: From the next screen select "Free Space Wipe" option. After this a screen will appear from which you need to select the drive.

Wipe NTFS Free Space - Select Drive

Step3: Then you will come across a window from which you need to choose the wiping method. Once you choose the method just confirm that you want to erase the free space on your NTFS partition.

Wipe NTFS Free Space - Select Wiping Method

Step4: As soon as you confirm this the software will begin to clean your NTFS free space. Once the process gets completed you will get a confirmation message.

Wipe NTFS Free Space - NTFS Free Space Cleaning Process